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Facebook Music Contest 2020

At this difficult moment for all professionals we need to remain united even if far away. For this reason we decided to organize the first Facebook Music Contest Live on this platform, through which artists, Djs and producers from all over the world can compete to the sound of live directly from home. Every day we will publish the live of a participant and in the end the users will judge. Judging the winner in addition to the audience there will also be a jury composed of the artists of the roaster of Egemonia Records, who will evaluate the technique, mixing, music selection and involvement. The winner will have the opportunity to release an unpublished track with our label. Here is all the information to participate: Below you will find a form to fill through which you will be immediately contacted. To participate you will need to record a video of your live performance performed with your pleasure equipment (laptop, cdj, controllers, etc.). In the live you will have to shoot yourself while performing therefore every static video or with only audio will be discarded. The video can have a maximum duration of 90 minutes and a minimum duration of 30 minutes. Videos that are too long or too short will be discarded. For audio recording you will need to record from the output of your mixer; we will also accept videos recorded with environmental audio but of course they will be penalized for poor quality. To avoid Facebook strikes in the use of copyright music can be used for live only own music (even unpublished) or copyleft music. In case you do not have your own music you will be sent a catalog of copyleft music that you can use and from which you can choose the songs to mix for live. More info will be sent by email at the time of registration. Registration is totally free and not binding, the participant can unsubscribe or leave the competition whenever he wants, but he can not withdraw once received the video of his live unless for serious personal reasons. Registrations will close on November 8 and the 10th will begin on the first day of the contest, which will continue for one video per day until all participants have performed. For more info you can write to the Contacts section by writing to the subject “Facebook Music Contest 2020“.

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